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I'm making a comeback.

2009-07-07 02:14:03 by J-Smooth

So it's been 3 years since I submitted something. I'm working on a new flash about cookies. Should be done by the end of this month. Looking forward to re-joining the NG community!

I'm making a comeback.


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2009-07-07 02:21:46

cookie kinda looks like a lumpy peice of crap no offense because I cant do shit


2009-07-07 02:24:56

Yummies! Me wantsa Cookies!!
!!!Gimme Cookies!!! >:c


2009-07-07 02:55:13

Looks like the black man in the moon.


2009-07-07 05:55:54

J-Smooth's comeing back cookies. Can not wait.


2009-07-07 08:41:48

Lookin forward to it. No offense but that cookie looks like a diseased potato


2009-07-07 10:46:11

Good luck to you, Im trying to make a new animation also, its been 8! frickin years since I made one so Im still a lil rusty. I would have to say that you might wanna make the base colour of the cookie lighter as he does seem a little .. off colour, Hope your animation does well !


2009-07-07 11:23:28

im gonna agree with everyone else. i dont like that cookie, or black kid with warts. Whichever.


2009-07-07 19:22:58

Yo dude, (a note to everybody else: I'm the voice actor) why didn't you send me any feedback yet? Did you get the files i sent ya?